15 Recipe Ideas for a Winter Weekend With Friends (1/16)

Between end-of-year celebrations, raclette parties and the arrival of the first snowflakes, winter is especially suited for weekends away with friends. So what are the best recipes for making the most of these moments? Of course, we think of raclettes, pancakes, and other indulgent dishes. At Fourchette and Bikini, we offer you 15 recipe ideas for a winter weekend with friends What you might not have thought of.

To revisit the raclette, check out County raclette for breaded turkey cutlets. We offer you Panir is an aromatic food made with melted cheese A lighter version and Tartiflette without lardons with mild gruyere cheese To all agree: Gluttony or food, why choose? Lucky owners of Cookeo® will be able to create one Delicious and super simple veal blankets with Cookeo® or a Easy and delicious beef bourguignon. It’s a real time saver in the kitchen that lets you entertain your guests without lingering in the kitchen. For meals with friends, choose easy-to-make, whole-meal recipes such as a Duck parmentier with sweet potatoesof A lighter version of spaghetti carbona with grisson meatA Lightly crushed pumpkin and Grisons meat or even Low-fat salmon, spinach and gruyere lasagna. A Winter Vegetable Gratin Will accompany meat or fish or appeal to vegetarians. These super easy recipes are both delicious and comforting. Finally, a Pumpkin, chicken and herb quiche or a Slimming crunchy pizza with Bündnerfleisch without cheese, accompanied by an endive salad with walnuts, will be suitable for light meals. For dessert, you can choose between Chestnut, cocoa and pear tiramisuA Apple slimming Charlotte or a Slimming fruit and chocolate fondue. For the latter, the recipe suggests using strawberries. Replace them with seasonal fruits like pineapple, apple or pear.

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