15 Pasta Recipes That Are Absolutely Delicious

What’s better than a good pasta dish? It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t love pasta because it’s simply a delicious dish that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Not only a huge variety of different batters, but also a ton of toppings that can be added. It is definitely a versatile dish that can adapt to any situation.

If you want to discover some original and delicious recipes, discover the following fifteen dishes.

Spaghetti Sab’ Matriciana

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Spaghetti all’amatriciana is a classic Italian recipe that doesn’t require many ingredients. You will find the recipe here.

Lemon and hazelnut gnocchi, creamy carrot sauce and mozzarella di bufala

Credits: Three times a day

Gnocchi isn’t a pasta, but it’s still a great dish to make a simple and delicious recipe like this one.

Lemon pasta

Credits: Three times a day

Lemon pasta is easy and so comforting! Even minis will love this recipe.

Tagliatelle with chicken, olives and candied lemon

Credits: Ricardo

This chicken pasta recipe takes a little longer to make than others, but the results will be worth the work.

Cavatelli with leeks, asparagus and feta cheese

Credits: Ricardo

This vegetarian recipe is a good choice for an easy, quick and delicious weeknight meal.

Braised pork and pasta with mustard sauce

Credits: Ricardo

This recipe calls for using a pressure cooker for the pork, but there is definitely a way to adapt it to other types of cooking. One thing is for sure, it looks delicious!

Shrimp, tomato and feta spaghetti

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If you love seafood, you can try this super simple recipe that doesn’t require many ingredients.

The best lasagna

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With a title like that, there’s no way to try this lasagna recipe! And what could be more comforting than a well-baked lasagna?

Lasagna style stuffed shells

Credits: i am cook

Shells are a fun pasta to use for weird recipes like this one!

Mac and cheese and disguised apples

Credits: Three times a day

Your kids will love this macaroni and cheese recipe! Also, it is quite easy to make.

A pot of orecchiettes with sausage and Swiss chard

Credits: Three times a day

If you want to try an original recipe, make it from trois fois per jour! Also, orecchiettes are such a cute pasta.

Tuscan pasta

Credits: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

This vegetarian recipe will delight you with its delicious ingredient list and its quick and easy preparation.

Cauliflower and pancetta pasta

Credits: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

This quick and easy recipe yields a delicious result that will appeal to both young and old.

Fresh pasta with smoked salmon, lemon and dill

Credits: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

How can you resist pasta with smoked salmon? Yum! If you love smoked salmon and creamy sauces, this recipe is a must-please.

Spaghetti alla carbonara

Credits: Three times a day

Spaghetti alla carbonara is another fairly classic pasta recipe. Check out the simple version of Three Times a Day here.

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