12 recipe ideas to strengthen your body!

Your morale is low, the rhythm of the workday seems difficult to follow, the change of season does you no favors… for fuel fuel And you think about reboost, Anti Fatigue Juice ! Combined with vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, added to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, they’ll help you get back on track!

Anti-fatigue juice: Foods to love

for Fight against fatigueChoose rich foods:

  • magnesiumSuch as coriander, ginger, basil, sorrel or almonds.
  • Vitamin CLike citrus fruits, kiwi, lychee or cabbage (red, kale).
  • ironSuch as spinach, thyme, mint, watercress, parsley or coconut.
  • zincLike garlic, ginger, pineapple, almonds, thyme.

Anti-Fatigue Juice: A Miracle Recipe to Energize the Body

In an anti-fatigue juice, we focus citrus fruit ! They are known for their high content of vitamin C. Therefore, their beneficial properties promote and thus allow the absorption of iron by the bodyAvoid shortages, responsible for acute fatigue. Oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, kumquats, yuzu… they will become your best anti-fatigue friends.

Likewise, thinkGreen leafy vegetables, rich in vitamin B9, remedy against anemia. Spinach, cabbage, salad effectively fight against tender injury. In a juice, they will cleanse and invigorate you!

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