Emma Prevost


Updated on Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Cucumber and spinach, celery and kiwi, beet and carrot… there are so many vegetable juice recipes that are just as effective when you want to lose a little weight.

5 fruits and vegetables a day? Simple! The end of the year celebrations have just begun and you are already thinking about the start of the new school year and your scales flashing red? Don’t panic, we have a solution. We’ve found 10 vegetable juice recipes for you, as simple as they are to make but above all, as effective as they are for healthy weight loss, without the worry.

Ask your doctor or nutritionist for advice before starting a diet.

green apple

Apple is a fruit that provides water and fiber to our body. This is really important when you want to pay attention to your diet. You can add an apple to almost any juice you want to make!

Follow the same precautions for fruits and vegetables i amSeasonal vegetables! Check out these 10 plant-based juice recipes.

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